Curry’s restaurant has been preparing serving and delivering Indian food since 1985. Indian delivery is the best choice for freshly prepared, healthy, gluten free, vegetarian, flavourful Indian food. Curry’s has one of London’s largest Gluten Free, vegan & vegetarian menu options. The wide selection on our menu caters to celiac, gluten free, vegan diets. Curry’s staff is always ready to assist you with your vegetarian, vegan and gluten sensitive menu choices, Many of our dishes are naturally, dairy free, gluten free and vegetarian, we do our best to maintain quality by creating our recipes with healthy allergy awareness and taste in mind

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Address: 118 Wellington Road London, Ontario N6C-4M8
Phone: 519 645 3226
!!!** Temporary Take-Out & Delivery hours, Dine-in closed. **!!

Mon.  4pm to 9 pm     (last order in at 8:30)
Tue.  4pm to 9 pm      (last order in at 8:30)
Wed.  4pm to 9 pm    (last order in at 8:30)
Thur. 4pm to 9 pm   (last order in at 8:30)
Fri.  4pm to 10pm    (last order in at 9:30)
Sat.  4pm to 10pm (last order in at 9:30)
Sun.  5 pm to 9 pm (last order in at 8:30)

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